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Let’s Fight about it then

I love the “have you ever wondered” questions.  Like, how many M&M’s were really in that jar?  How many blades of grass have I cut in my lifetime?  How high of a free-fall could I really survive?  How many five year olds could I handle in a fight?  Well, one down –  I know I can take quite a few 5 year olds.  31 to be exact.  That’s right, 31 five year olds.  I don’t know if I’m proud or ashamed.   

I’ve seen this on a couple of blogs…just cracks me up.

Find out how you’d do here



I’m a little more tired than normal…so, this might not be an entirely coherent post. 

I’m getting back to work this week.  I’ll still be doing short days, but we’re trying to start feeling out what our “normal” rhythm will be.  All this time off has been good.  Even if it’s only been “kind of time off”.  I’ve loved being home with Linds and Cora (it still feels REALLY weird to say family).  It has been great just being together. 

Another benefit that I didn’t expect from my little paternity sabbatical: I’ve reconnected with how much I love what I do.  I miss being in the office, the people I work with, the adult leaders I get to connect with, the kids and parents I get to love on and leading the ministry in general.  Good stuff.  I’m really excited to get back in and start moving us ahead as we get into our 2008 rhythm.  Good stuff…now, here are some pics of Cora at 3 weeks: 



And I saw that it was good…

Fantastic night with friends last night here at the house with Linds and Cora.  We’re really blessed to have some great friends and amazing community together.  We had some friends in from out of town, along with the in-town gang.  We ate some chinese take-out then followed dinner up with personality profiles – which was hilarious – and phenominal homemade strawberry cheesecake courtesy of my buddy Joel. 

It left me thankful for amazing friends.  I’m a better husband, friend, Christ follower and leader as a result of the friendships and community that we have together.  Simply amazing.  

I’m a fan of recognizing the presence of God’s beauty in his creation.  I usually limit this to the “natural” wonders of the world.  I was thinking today though, this kind of fellowship is us living in the communion of the Spirit that I believe we were created to live in.  There is striking beauty present in community.  Fellowship together that is authentic, genuine and intimate is surprisingly powerful and inspiring.  I found myself recognizing…this is good…its God’s creation and I often fail to recognize it as such.   

And again, well done God.