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Today, one of the lead pastors at my church led his final staff meeting.  He’s headed out to another church in the KC area.  As this was his last staff meeting with us, he shared some lessons/thoughts on change.  They certainly bear repeating.  I don’t know how much is original content to him…but I walked away from our staff meeting today having been poked, inspired, and challenged.  So, here it is:

1. Good change can be perceived as both loss and opportunity.

2. People are at differet levels of readiness for change.

3. People can’t live with change if there’s not a changeless anchor.

4. People tend to revert to old behavior if benefits of change aren’t championed.

5. Change is messy!

6. Corporate change is easier and more exciting to navigate than personal change.

7. to lead others, you have to be willing to change.

Change is a necessary and un-avoidable aspect of life and leadership.  I always think that our individual perspective plays a huge part in whether said change yields positive or negative results.  I love change…the excitement of a changing atmosphere, the challenges presented in times/cultures of change and the results of change are almost mesmorizing to me. 

So, let this handful of thoughts provoke some others regarding change in your life.  And, I’ll leave you with two quotes: “Change and growth feed one another.” and “The more you’re willing to change, the more your likely to institue positive change in your organization.”

Good stuff…thanks to Merle Mees for once again adding some value to my life/ministry/leadership!


2 (maybe 3) things

First: Holy crapolie – the Chiefs made it to the playoffs.  Proof that I can’t wast God’s time with silly prayers?  Or is it just proof that every once and a while really strange things happen?

Second: Two things that made me smile today…

number one                                  number two (ha ha…number two)