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Quick trip into my convoluted mind

Looking for an oddly confusing good time?  Follow me on a journey through my uber-low I.Q. and broken thought processes…

Thought 1: I should update my blog real quick

Thought 2: The Chiefs play today…I should blog about that.

Thought 3: The Chiefs need a lot of prayer (a significant, bona fide miracle) to make the playoffs; maybe I should share my concern with the 2 people who read my blog.

Thought 4: Is it wrong to pray for and ask prayer for the Chiefs to emerge victorious and find a miraculous playoff birth?

Thought 5: Do silly prayers waste God’s time?

Thought 6: If God is eternal…and eternity means the absence of time, does God really have time that I can waste?

Thought 7:  If I really could wast God’s time, would He consider silly prayers or ridiculous and pointless thougth processes a waste of His time?

Final Thought: I’m an idiot.



Does your competetive nature tend to get the best of you from time to time?

Mine does…I don’t know how much time I’ve wasted on this today…

My highest score so far is 39 somethin.  Waste significant amounts of your life and post your high score when you’re done!



Welcome to yuppie-hood

Linds and I have been called “yuppies” from time to time.  That’s OK; I’ll be the first to admit that, at first glance, we fit rather well into that mold.  I think we’ve now established the defining piece.

I’m probably going to buy my dog(s) these…or at least someting similar.  Why, you may ask…because my back yard is muddy and I don’t want my living room to be.

Nevertheless, I’m more than a little ashamed.