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I just had a good long chat with my friend Meg.  It was really good, I told her that we were way overdue for one of these chats.  During our talk, I thik I started building a “soap box“.  No, I wasn’t overtly distracted during our conversation, I was really drudging up some things which I’m really passionate about. 

The biggest thing that came out…and I’m still thinking on is the idealism of the young leader.  Meg is an incredibly passionate, smart, driven person with a lot of natural leadership gifting.  We’re in the same age bracket – early/mid twenties – and we kept hitting on a couple of topics that, it was obvious to me, really resonated with both of us. 

Here’s what I think: I think that a lot of times the passion of young leaders is squelched.  When young leader “A” expresses her passion and desire to affect change within her circle of influence, often times it’s followed up with a semi-sarcastic, purposely appeasing “go get em tiger” or “that just isn’t how the world works”.  It’s as though some beleive that we’ve been blinded by our youthful exuberance and live in some sort of padded reality.  I don’t think that a particular people group (i.e. seasoned, older generation leaders)  are always the culprit.  I think that we’re often our own silencer.  I think that (speaking for myself here) I often cut myself down with my own stealthy timidity. 

The big thought is this: as young, idealistic, exuberant and, in some cases, ignorant leaders, we should embrace our passions.  I think that more often than not our idealism and passion is God given and is evidence of how he’s specifically called and gifted us to affect change in the world around us. 

I could ramble on for a bit more, but I think that’s good enough. 


No Place Like Home

No, not the ever glorious Olathe.  I’ve spent most of this week back in good old Great Bend, KS.  Yup, born and raised here.  Lindsey and I came down on Tuesday night for my great grandfather’s funeral. 

While funerals are kinda sad, grandpa was 95 years old!  His health was great until the past several months.  Over the past several years, he’s been telling me that he’s ready to die and kinda making jokes about it.  He was a life-long member of the Lutheran church and had faith in Christ.  So, it’s just another reminder that death is a part of life. (which makes me start thinking about whether or not death was part of God’s original plan for His creation or not.)

Anyway, so I stayed here in GB while Linds went back to Olathe.  Because we ordered a couch from my parents store.  It was supposed to get here today; then I could take it home.  Not so, the company didn’t process the order in time, so it won’t be here until Monday.  Yaay…

It’s been really good being at home.  Even if I feel a little bit like I’m a kid again.  Hanging out with my parents, bumming rides, and food off of them.  It’s kinda weird. 

But, I really like being here.  Being here helps me to remember how God has worked in my life.  I don’t think it’s bad to take a look back every now and then and remember where I have been and re-connect a little bit.  It’s not to dwell in the past, but to become better acquainted with it so I can continue to grow into the future. 

It’s good stuff.  There are certainly things that I like about small town, rural, Kansas.  One of them I don’t like though…the feedlot 3/4 of a mile away from my parents house has been expanding.  There’s nothing like the “smell of money”.


I love my job…

There are certainaly days that the above statement is challenged.  But really, I love my job.  Sure there’s tough stuff, but there’s also Middle School LifeGroup Olympics.  We had the first ever last Friday.  It was flippin sweet.

It was an event that we really encouraged parents to be a part of with their students; and we had a great response from parents!  I don’t intend to get too cheesey, but it an amazing see middle school kids and adults who love them (parents and volunteer adults), together and having a blast.  Those are the times that I’m reminded how much I love that I get to do what I do. 

I’m really excited about doing more “family engaging” events.  I think it’s so crucial to “successful ministry” to promote, engage and equip the family as a whole.  The bonds that families have together will exist long after the bonds of the greatest student ministry have died away.  If we can encourage, equip and build up the family as a whole, I think we’ll really begin to see positive growth and change in our communities.  The more we create opportunitites for families to grow together, mend when broken, and develop a strong foundation in Christ, the closer we will find ourselves to our goal;  lives forever changed by the power of Christ. 

I think I’m now done ramblilng…I sooo love my job.  Here are some pics of the guys last Friday.

photo_110306_001.jpg      photo_110306_003.jpg

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