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I’m not notorious for much…

Really…I’m not.  But one thing I am totally notorious for is starting, but not finishing, great books.  I love reading, I just lack follow through.

 Here’s a list of books I want to get a hold of – so that I can start them, but never finish.

The Primal Teen

Not Much Just Chillin’

What Matters Most

High School Confidential

Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

Junior High Ministry

The Ten Faces of Innovation

There are some more…but that’s all I can think of right now.  If there’s a good review, pass it along!



Here are some funny links I’ve ran into over the past couple days… enjoy! – get a call from Dwight himself. – Sure to ruin your day. – funny skittles commercials – at least I think they’re funny.



Lazy Day

Do you ever have one of those days that has seemingly limitless potential.  That was my day today.  I woke up this morning, not feeling all that well, but still entertaining a multitude of ideas on how I was to have a fantastic 12-14 hours.  I could go to a movie, I could read, go for a hike in the beautiful KC fall weather, I could do some yard work, I could organize the garage, I could go to Barnes & Noble and get smarter…The only thing that limited the potential of this day was me.  So, what did I do?…..

3 packets of Strawberries and Cream instant Oatmeal; a 25 minute conversation with my beautiful wife (who’s in Colorado right now); a bubble bath (yup, I’m secure enough to admit it); a couple hours on the web looking at the new Jeep and researching it’s competitors; and, finally, one really lame post on the good ‘ol blog. 

I’m lame…I’m going to Target now – which, I’m happy to announce, is right next to Chipotle



NYWC follow up

So, today I’m reading my previous post.  I am thinking about the thought/struggle that I was trying to express on my last post.  I think that the most difficult thing about all of that is defining what it means to be “great” or “successful”. 

I know what all the churchy, cute answers are: “greatness is achieving one’s full potential”, “greatness is being who God created you to be” yadda, yadda, yadda. 

I’m thinking more deeply; and, maybe, this is a more personal prodding and discovery process than it is one of a widley applicable principle.  But, I’m thinking about what it is for me that will quiet the inner desire/whisper thingy.  At what point will I be no longer experiencing the “discontent”?  If that discontent is truly a healthy thing, will it always be there?  Does God really just desire for me to be content where I’m at with exactly what I’m doing, or does He endorse and support my desires to do something great, memorable and significant for the advancement of His Kingdom?  

I am interested in the thoughts of others.  If you stumble across my blog, weigh in.  Did God create us with a desre for significance?  Or, is this another broken attempt of man to relish in some weak, earthly fame that should be given to God? 

I think I’m conflicted…and I probably make everything way too difficult.   


NWYC Austin

I’ve been in Austin since Thursday morning.  It’s been a good conference so far.  It’s hard to come here and not be encouraged.  There are a few things that are rolling around in my head.  But, so far, there hasn’t been any real significant “aha” kind of moment.  I’m alright with that, though.  At this point, there’s plenty that I have to work through and think through without adding more for my tiny little brain to process. 

Here’s a constant thought/struggle: 

The desire for and definition of greatness.  I love the influence that I see happening here.  Each adult represents a multitude of individual lives.  When someone has influence on this kind of level, with youth workers, they have a vast influence on the landscape of student ministry in America and the world. 

I’m always thinking about this stuff.  Especially at events like this.  I have an un-dying desire…  It’s almost a whisper, though sometimes it screams.  A desire for greatness.  It’s awfully ambiguous most of the time.  There’s this tinge of dis-content (the healthy kind).  I despise the thought of being average, mediocre, or “run of the mill”.  But I don’t know exactly what to do with that.  I don’t want it to be all about me; that’s certainly the last thing that I want.  It’s not about me or my “fame” or renown…but that of the Lords.  This tension cannot be overstated…a desire for greatness; or, perhaps more accurately, a desire for the greatness of Christ to be expressed through my life.

I want my life to count.  I want to matter.  A long time ago, I understood that I was created not to settle, but to soar.  When we do so, I believe its unusual and powerfully pleasing worship. 

Where do I land?  I rest in the comfort of the plan and direction of my Almighty God.  I don’t need to struggle for significance or greatness; only to pursue Christ.  It’s an active rest though.  Trusting in and seeking Christ, living a passionate daily pursuit; yet I continue to attempt to take hold of and grasp this unsettling, ambiguous “whispering scream”. 

I do believe that God plants in the hearts of His creation a desire for greatness, a vision for significance, a disdain for the ordinary.  For we are invited to join with Him in the redemption of our beautiful, broken, world.   

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