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Pre-post Guilt

So, I don’t know exactly why…  But I always feel just a little guilty before posting, because I haven’t in such a long time.  Could it be that this is a reflection of my overly cramped schedule and un-healthily busy lifestyle?  Or is it simply that I prefer to experience my community in that strange, unusual, “old fashioned”, face to face sort of way?  (Yup, that’s my slam to blogger-nation…taste my pain web-based community)

So, I was in the hospital last week.  That was unusual and unexpected.  I have ulcers in my intestine somewhere.  It’s no fun. 

It just makes me wonder if this is an indicator that I’m not doing so good at that whole balance thing. 

We’re building a fence this weekend…WOOO HOOO…now we don’t have to walk our mangy mutts 3 times a day.  It also means that I can stop using Wal-Mart bags for things they were never intended for. 

I’ve promised some thoughts on freedom, they’re coming; along with some thoughts on change.