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point; Verb: to direct, beam, cast, guide, influence or steer.

Do you ever have one of those days?  You know…the one where you have to remind yourself what you’re all about.  Those days are good.  It’s good to know what your life is about and what it’s not about.  I’m glad to experience reminders from time to time, it keeps me honest, humble and on track. (hopefully) 

If you hadn’t already guessed; today/this week was “one of those days”.  It’s a bit of a stressful time around here lately.  Summer camp is around the corner; which means lots of work, and its just a busy season in general. 

So, I’m trying to sleep tonight, but I can’t.  My mind is racing through the day’s/weeks events and stresses and those still to come.  With a racing mind and a “sore” heart, I start to consider what it is that I’m all about; that is how, where and why I’m investing my life. 

In college, I came to understand my purpose really simply – and without Rick’s book.  (not that there’s anything wrong with that)  My purpose is to point. 

I want to point; publicly – even if its rude, and privately; point older and wiser people, and younger and less experienced people. 

I want to point.  I can’t move people.  Who am I to move, or even think I can move someone from “a” to “b”.  Most of the time, I’m not sure what “a” or “b” is.  Pointing gives me freedom to be unsure; and peace when faced with contention.  Pointing provides direction for unstable, unsure, and unsettling times.  Pointing brings clarity to my purpose in a time that a lot of things seem to be getting turned on their heads.  Pointing gives me a “true north” instead of wondering aimlessly throughout life.   

I want to point.  It seems so simple; so clear.  I once boiled my life purpose down to this one word.  I actually recall a sentence that eeked its way out of my overtly convoluted mind.  It went something like this: I want to be that flame that points others passionately, clearly, directly to Christ.

See, I don’t want people to look to me.  I’m one jacked up fella, with plenty of issues.  But if people can see the One I’m pointing to, this is what I’m after.  If someone can see my life, see my bumps, bruises, scars and imperfections; but somehow manage to see the One I’m pointing to…then I’ve found the ever elusive success.  

I know it may be kind of cliche or cheesy.  I’m OK with that. I just hope that my cliche, cheesey life purpose points you to the One who made you and loves you like crazy.  Because, then, God is who God is, I am who I am, and He-who’s worthy of all the credit-is the one being glorified.        

May we all point.    


So, here’s what I’m goin for: 1-2 posts a week.  I think that’s fair.  There’s been a lot rolling around in my head lately and I need to get it out somewhere.  I think this is a good place to do it.  I could use my man diary (aka Journal) but it’s tough to write in and not near as trendy.  Besides, I use it for all the real “good” stuff.  I don’t know what that means. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about discipline, perspective, and trust.  Somehow, these three come together.  They intersect at some point and drive application to my life with God…so, I think I’ll write about that soon. 

I went hiking with my buddy Sam last Friday.  He makes me a much cooler person.  Lindsey and I also adopted another dog last week.  Her name is Addy, she’s a Golden Retriever.  She’s fat.



fresh start

Well, here it is… A fresh new start.  The days of Xanga have passed and my lackluster updating has been put on hold; at least until this isn’t new anymore. 

There has been a lot rolling through my head here lately…and I look forward to trying to put a bunch of random thoughts into words for almost nobody to read.  🙂


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