I’m at Blackdog…have been for most of the afternoon.  I’ve enjoyed reading, a phone call with a good friend and more reading. 

Most of this afternoon I have been caught in the grasp of some deep theological debate and found myself contemplating various views and the implications of their logical (and theological) conclusions. 

About an hour ago I watched a guy come in.  He’s handicapped, permanently on crutches. (that part isn’t relevant to the story…just drawing the picture)  He ordered his drink and came to sit in the chair diagonally across from me.  I gave the cordial nod and left it at that; continuing on with my reading.

He sat  there, alone, for almost an hour.  So did I.

I read the whole time about how free will and God’s sovereignty work together…  How is someone saved, by their faith in God’s provision or by God’s sovereign election alone?  I was into it.  I love reading on this stuff.  I feel its important, and good exercise in thought.  God, after all, hasn’t called us to blind, uninformed, intellectually dismissed faith.

I failed.  A guy sat not six feet from me for almost an hour and I couldn’t pry myself away from my religious trappings to speak one single word to him.  Now, I’m not assuming anything.  I’m not assuming that I have anything great to offer or that this guy even wanted to talk to anyone.  I’m not assuming that this guy needed to hear the message of Christ and his love, perhaps he left here thinking he missed an opportunity to share this same hope with me. 

Here’s what I’m wondering: Is my experience here today in this coffee shop a metaphor for what we do all too often in the church?  Do we get too wrapped up in our religious “junk” to miss the people God has made available for us to extend a hand of grace to?  Or is this simply God’s Holy Spirit smacking me around for not being attentive to His prompting?


I wanna be black!?!

Confession: Lindsey and I watched a good bit of Dr. Phil tonight.  That’s what no cable and a good bit of apathy will get you.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way.  The subject matter of the good doc’s show today was gender confused kids.  Primarily, they focused on one set of parents who started letting their boy act/dress like a girl at age 3.  Now, at age 8 he (though they refer to her as a she) is going to school as a girl.  This isn’t new, I recall seeing a news story well over a year ago about individuals right in California to choose their gender.  The concept is ludicrious.   

Unbelievable…wow.  Have we literally lost our minds?   

I could seriously rant here, I got most of that out with Linds.  I could also go to a little deeper, considering how such views and practices are affecting identity development.  I would, instead, like to point out how absurd this is with an oversimplification.

I’m white.  Really.  In every stereotypical sense of the word, I’m as pale as they come.  Now, suppose that, at around age three, I decided that I wanted to be black.  I’m not talking about adopting stereotypical attributes of african american culture, I’m talking about a skin and hair transplant to make me physically black.  Why not Itilian?  What would the mental health status of my parents have been if they said, “Well, if that’s who you feel like you want to be, 3 year old, who are we to stand in the way?” 

Heck, what if I felt like, at heart, I was potato head from Toy Story trapped in a human body?

No matter what I do or how I try to change, I’ll always be stuck with a great deal that I did not choose, but are, instead, factors of my created nature.  Period.  Is this injustice?  Some unspeakable mistake of God?  No!!  It’s not!  It’s just the way it is. 

I feel better now.  I know this is a multifaceted, complex discussion, thanks for letting me drive a basic OBJECTIVE truth in an oversimplified way.


Blanket Prayer?

It’s late.  I haven’t posted in quite a while!  I’m ok with that though. 🙂 

I just finished a long statistics homework assignment – strangely enough I began to understand it!?!  As I’m still sitting here in my basement (I should be in bed) I’m “stalking” people via facebook; and its got me wondering.  Is there such a thing as a “blanket prayer” and, if so, is it ok?

I’m thinking about all the different volunteers, church staff members, student minsitry staff, interns, students, parents and others that I’ve had the opportunity to do life with throughout the past few years (almost 6!) at Westside.  There’s an amazing reel of faces, names, conversations, and memories flickering past my minds eye faster than I can keep up with.

Humbly, my blanket prayer is “Father, hold us close.  Wherever we’re at, whatever life has brought us to, hold us close.  Water planted seeds; let new growth burst forth.  May we rest solely with you, set our hope fully on you, and trust courageously in you.”


A Good Week

It’s been a good week here in Colorado with the fam.  Linds and I went on an ATV tour which was super fun.  Then, my brother in law, Dave, and I hiked Mt. Lincoln which is close by.  Its 14,286′ at its summit!  Waay challenging and so worth it. 

This morning Linds, Dave, my dad and I went rafting.  We went through Browns Canyon near Buena Vista and had moderate rapids – calss 2 and 3.  Really fun.  I have superbly sun burnt legs though (I never remember to sunscreen there).  To accompany that, I have a couple random sun burnt patches from there the life-jacket was (or wasn’t). 

We’ve filled the in between with lots of relaxing, eating, movies, driving, some shopping and plenty of naps.  I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to get back to work! 

Pics of all the aforementioned activities to come…we left the usb cable for our camera at home.



Hello Blog!

After a really LONG, and ridiculously busy season – its vacation time!  Linds, Cora and I left KC on Friday afternoon.  We met my family in Great Bend and drove out to Breckenridge yesterday. 

We’re staying a few miles out of town in a really nice – and ginormous – house.  Stepping out onto the deck this morning, this is what I saw. (forgive the uber quality cell phone pics)

Love the mountains!  I hope to do some hiking, lots of relaxing, maybe some rafting and definitely plan to watch some movies in the stellar home theatre.

Oh vacation, how I love you…


I felt heavy hearted…

when I read a post by my friend Anne.  She simply asked for an answer to the question, “What can’t you say in church?”  The comments that follwed left me a little heavy hearted…

Check out the post and comments here.


A Great Ending to a Loooonnnnggg Day

I got home at 9 tonight.  Super long day filled with nanny interviews, meetings, sugar highs, and brain fog.  I click over to Craigslist to do some bargain hunting when what to my wandering eyes would appear?  A mounted coyote for sale.  Not even kidding.  Click here and enjoy.  I might buy it and surprise someone I barely know with the year’s most unusually awkward gift. 

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